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The fitness world is rife with sponsorships and endorsements and advertisements so it can be difficult to figure out where it is you should start when reaching out to potential customers and demographics.

Coming from a big-chain gym background, I’ve had the inside scoop on who it is that’s advertising in gyms and the kind of return that these sponsors get from their marketing in gyms and with fitness influencers. Let me tell you something – people in gyms have become numb to physical advertising.

Gym members and trainer clients see so much advertising every time they enter a gym that they just block it out while they’re working out. Marketing campaigns with physical products works better, but the KPIs that the company expects puts a huge amount of pressure on the gyms to perform and this pressure is palpable to our clients, which intimidates them.

Nowadays, with social media and the internet being what it is today, the best way to reach potential clients is in the digital realm. Influencers across all industries build relationships with their audiences and their audience base knows and trusts, these are the people you need to connect with to really reach your target audience.

Now, I’m not saying I’m a world-famous fitness influencer that people have hanging off my every word, but I do have a following of loyal clients and people who come to me for expert advice. They trust what I say because they know me and I give great advice across the board.

Sponsors have come to me in the past because they know my client and audience base trusts what I endorse. There returns on their investment with me is good and they keep coming back for more.

How You Can Advertise with Fitness Anytime Club

There are plenty of ways you can advertise here with me. I’m pretty flexible as to how you want to do it as I know that each brand will have it’s own marketing campaign and wants and needs for their business and their business objectives.

One of the many ways that brands advertise here is with ad space. I am integrated with AdSense, but sometimes people want a specific ad on a specific site and that is where I can help.

All you need to do is send me the ad that you want placing, where you want it placed on the page and where you want it to point to. I can do banner ads, sidebars ads and pop-ups, depending on what works best for you. A word of caution though – a few of my visitors find pop-ups annoying and they’ve said it actually makes them NOT want to buy a product or service – request these at your own risk!

Another way you can advertise at Fitness Anytime Club is with product reviews. This works by getting in touch with me with information about your product, agreeing on the terms with me and then sending me the product. Once I’ve received it, I’ll test and try it out either myself or with my clients and then write a blog post that will review the product and recommend it if I see fit. This is a great way to get an honest review from an authoritative figure to your target audience.

The most popular way people build a professional relationship with me is through guest posting, which I’ll go through below.

Guest Posting on My Blog

Guest posting can be beneficial for both parties that are involved. For me, I get uality content on a more regular basis from a range of sources and you have nearly complete control over what gets published and how it is written (within reason!)

I do also allow author bios and external links which can increase traffic to your own blog or website as well as building your exposure on the web.

I’ve spent nearly two years crafting my blog t be perfect for my audience, so there are a few ground rules that I need adhering to if you’re going to publish a guest post on my fitness blog. They’re not extensive, just a few quality control measures.


Whatever article you post needs to be relevant to the general theme of my blog which is health and fitness. I accept guest posts that talk about general fitness lifestyle, workouts to try, nutrition, recovery, relaxation, gym… pretty much anything that can related to a healthy lifestyle.

Reasonable Length

If you’ve come here as an advertiser or digital marketer, you probably know a couple of things about SEO. During my time building this blog, I’ve been given advice for making sure my blog stays visible and continues to get decent traffic. One of the ways that this can be helped is with quality content that provides value. Quality content comes with research and length and I try not to post anything that is less than 1200 words so the post can be indexed by Google.

Good Quality

My visitors predominantly come from English speaking countries and, as such, any content published here needs to be written in the English language. I may be seen as a juice-head, but I’m also good at writing and expect the same level of quality from guest writers. Make sure you have good spelling, grammar and flow before you submit a post and I reserve the right to edit for clarity and quality

If you think you’ve got what it takes to publish your guest post here, send me a message using the form below and we’ll discuss the terms and what we can do for each other.

Examples of Guest Post Topics

  1. Diet Tips
  2. Nutrition
  3. Gym Workout Guides
  4. Fitness Clothing
  5. Fitness Technology
  6. Professional Sports
  7. Weight loss Guides
  8. Home Workout Guides
  9. Muscle Building Tips
  10. Alternative Medicines

Health & Fitness Write For Us Topics

Our guest blogging service and our Fitness Blog overall caters to only certain specific categories:

  • Fitness: weightlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, fitness gear, fitness clothes, etc.
  • Running: run technique, running gear, local races, etc.
  • Diets & Meal Plans: nutrition tips, meal plans, recipes, books, etc.  No weight loss supplements allowed.
  • Yoga: flows, styles, practice pointers, etc.
  • Bodyweight Training: Gymnastics, Animal Flow, Ido Portal, etc.
  • Mobility & Stretching: M|WOD, Corrective Exercise, etc.
  • Physical Therapy and Treatment Technique: Tennis elbow treatment, how to do Ober’s Technique, Stretches for the Q/L, etc.


Please note that I am only accepting pitches from other bloggers. If you represent a business this will be considered an advertorial and not a guest post.